​​​​MOLLY SPUNGLE : Mystery of the Red Stone

Molly Spungle is a fairy with a big heart! She is brave, loyal, and magical. Molly's best friend is a stunning red dragon whom she rescues and who,   is in the process of developing his own special magic. Around her neck Molly wears a pendant filled with a mystical and mysterious red stone which has powerful magic.

Molly has an enemy however. An evil sorcerer named Jar-Ed who will stop at nothing to possess the Spungle fairy's magic. 

Along with Ran-Da, the red dragon, Molly must fight to save herself and Ran-Da from the sorcerer's evil plans. 



In the second book of the series, Molly discovers much more danger. She encounters a mysterious man with a blue orb where his face should be. Why does he seem so familiar?

Ran-Da, the stunning magical red dragon of Book 1, continues to develop his powers and undergoes some important changes! 

Excerpt from Molly Spungle: Mystery of the Red Stone

The first movement of the dragon was slight, but rapidly increased. Mighty muscles rippled through his legs and back as he stood, shaking off any lingering red stone. Huge wings, already unfurled, moved through the air, creating a strong gust of wind that almost knocked Molly off her feet...