In book 2, Krikkit wears a new pair of shoes, custom made just for her by her friend, the sorcerer, Syntaba. Before he can teach her all the new powers of the shoes, Syntaba is capured by an dangerous wizard who steals all his magic. This wizard plans to interfere in all children's dreams, stealing all magic he can find in them!

​Stay tuned for updates about Book 2 and meet all the new characters it reveals!!

Excerpt from Krikkit's Shoes: Book 1: D'Arragon Prophecy

At that moment, a loud rumbling sounded overhead. Stairs appeared out of nowhere. Climbing these steps made from banks of clouds, emerged the Red Velvet Regiment from the exterior of the castle. Ascending rapidly, they promptly joined the wondrous legion above. Totally encircling both

sorcerers' armies, the Red Velvet Army now faced the King and Queen of D'Arragon.

Bowing respectfully before them, they took out their swords and stood ready for war...

Krikkit, a 10 year old schoolgirl, explores a magical new world, unlike her own, after she wears a pair of mysterious shoes. Suddenly, her ordinary life becomes full of magic, adventure and mystery.  With the help of a sorcerer or two, Krikkit strives to help the D'Arragon royalty from losing the throne. A horrible prophecy is coming to pass and the schoolgirl must tap the power and magic of the shoes to suceed in her mission to help save the D'Arragon Dynasty!