Molly Spungle: Mystery of the Red Stone

Molly, a beautiful Spungle fairy, flees for her life from an evil sorcerer who will stop at nothing to possess her magic. Wandering alone and lost in a strange, mystical forest, Molly hopes the mysterious red dragon will come to her aid. But first, she must find a way to free him from the

imprisonment of the red stone.


This children's book of poems is bound to delight kids of all ages with it's colorful illustrations that bring the characters to life. Meet  Gunther troll, a favorite playmate. Join Martin Mouse as he drives  the Ballabooga Train to pick up passengers Sassy Sally Warthog and Marcia Greensnake who dress in their very best for their weekly shopping trip to buy candy, apples and even spider wings.   (ages 4-8)

KRIKKIT'S SHOES: D'Arragon Prophecy

Krikkit discovers treachery and intrigue when she

places the shiny black leather shoes she has found

on her ten year old feet. Transported to a magical

world far different from her own, she discovers Kings, Queens, and Princes who inhabit the palace in D'Arragon.

With the help of the magical shoes and an ancient sorcerer or two,  Krikkit  is determined to stop  the traitors who would steal the D'Arragon throne. Will the prophecy fail or succeed?

(middle grade novel ages 7-12)